Mental Health - Are You Struggling?

I get that you're carrying a lot of pain and you may have a behaviour to soothe that pain, or perhaps you're holding heavy feelings of emotion. We know that that behaviour and feelings of pain, didn't start with you it happened in your family of origin. We get that trauma is multi-generational it's more than likely been in the family system for decades or generations, but you happen to be one of the sensitive ones that absorbed a lot of bad and your behaviours and feelings represents that pain that was absorbed from your environment. I invite you now to join in that healing process. Are you ready for Change?


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Overcome Mental Health Stigma

My focus is on offering an open, safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore what’s troubling you.  Suppose you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed; come for a chat and we can work together to figure out the best way for you to manage your mental health. My counselling isn’t about endless, boring sessions on a couch. It’s about giving you fundamental tools to alleviate the depression and anxiety that’s building up inside.


I know hypnotherapy has a bit of a bad rep.   But it’s not about making someone act like a chicken or pull their undies down on stage.  Well, not the way I do it,  I swear! Hypnotherapy is an incredible way to help you unlock the tools inside you in a new way.  It keeps you in control and lets you access new areas of your mind. No psychedelic drugs, no side effects.  Just a new way of working for yourself.

Why I’m the Person that can help you

My story of mystery, frustration and epiphany all started back years ago when I was only young.  Struggling socially at school on a daily basis, one day you’re popular, nothing but Awesome, the next, back in the trenches.  I had those feelings of not being good enough, shoulders sagging, head down, afraid to say anything for fear of being shot down.  Nobody knew who I was, heck I didn’t even know, I was wearing so many different masks, trying to be everything I thought everyone wanted me to be.  After finishing school, I then found my life partner, had twins 5 years later.

But everything hasn’t always been rosy, as I’ve experienced being in a relationship with someone who has poor mental health, utilising alcohol, cigarettes or smoking drugs to numb the pain. As much as I tried to rescue my partner, it was a losing battle until he made the decision to seek help. It can be very difficult to help someone who isn’t ready, and pushing only sends them in the other direction.

Whilst I was waiting for my partner to change I realised that I could do with a little tweaking myself, as perfect as I thought I was; so I opted to see a Hypnotherapist.

That one appointment changed my life, and set me on a new path, one of courage, confidence and self worth.  As I wanted nothing but the best for my new career aspirations, I finally stumbled across the Academy of Hypnotic Science, the only Government Accredited course in Victoria.  Hungry for more, I signed up for training to become a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Advanced Resource Therapist and Advanced Theta Healer.  My journey hasn’t stopped there, constantly reading books, listening to countless podcasts, exploring new concepts, possessing a greater awareness that anxiety, fear, shame, blame, sadness and our behaviours eg. anger or addictions including, alcohol, smoking, drugs and food are mostly pre-determined by our childhood experiences. 

I want nothing more than to assist people to discover their best self, offering an open, safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore what’s going on for you, and providing fundamental tools to alleviate the anxiety and depression that’s building up inside.  If you’re ready for change, book your appointment today.  

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