We Help Men Overcome Internal Challenges

Everything might look okay from the outside, but you probably know that not everything is quite right on the inside. Men are faced with immense societal pressure to struggle in silence, cope by themselves, and medicate with whatever is nearby.


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Since you were young, you’ve maybe felt this way, and it’s society’s fault for not helping men sooner. Here are some stats you need to know:

– One man commits suicide globally every single minute.
– Men over the age of 75 are most at risk.
– Many men use alcohol, gambling, and drugs to cope alone.

Don’t Become Another Statistic
It doesn’t have to be this way.

Here at Gippsland Counselling and Hypnotherapy, we can help you find a path forward full of positivity, optimism, and good fortune. Our primary job is to help lend an ear and a thoughtful hand to help you work through your internal struggles, personal challenges, and overcome what might be holding you back.

We don’t believe in complete overhauls either. You won’t be a different person after working with us. Instead, you’ll be a better version of your best possible self. Think of it like an old car. You can keep the outside looking good with wax and polish, but if something is wrong with the engine, it just won’t drive the same. Let’s fix your engine, so to speak.

Why I’m the Person for the Job

Mental health in men, specifically poor mental health, is something I know all too well. My grandfather, step-father and brother have all faced their own struggles, and I was in the front row watching it all unfold.

My grandfather, following the loss of my grandmother, after 50 years, turned to gambling. He gambled so much he was convinced someone else was spending his money; all while he kept digging himself deeper and deeper.

My step-father had a rough childhood and took it out on his wives. He ended up losing everyone close to him, and self-medicated with alcohol and drugs, unable to cope with the grief and guilt.

Finally, my brother has past trauma, and has used alcohol and drugs to cope. It’s this final story that led me to this field with hopes of helping men everywhere overcome their struggles, eliminate their demons, and carve a new, positive path forward.

Why You Should Try Hypnotherapy

You might be thinking, “Hypnotherapy? That can’t really work.” I thought the same thing when I went for my first session, but once I experienced it for myself, my life changed. I felt like I was levitating out of the chair and like I had unlocked a new part of my brain. It truly changed my perspective on life and helped me improve my outlook.

Now I share this gift with the world, especially men struggling with mental health. It isn’t about control, or taking over your mind. It’s about keeping you in the driver’s seat and providing you with better directions to get to your destination. The answers to your life’s biggest problems are already within you. I’ll help you unlock them.

Book an appointment below and let’s get started!

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