Men’s Mental Health

Hypnosis has the power to assist with phobias, fears, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, stress and so much more.  It’s like therapy on steroids.  

Whether you have stressors due to relationship breakdown, financial insecurity, work issues or unemployment, you may find yourself turning to alcohol, gambling, smoking, drugs or anger.

You may be experiencing:
Bottling up negative feelings
Drinking more alcohol than usual
Need alcohol to help unwind
Unexplained aches and pains
Increased heart rate / Nausea / Sweating
Physical Illness

Avoiding objects or situations which cause anxiety
Overreact with aggressive behaviour
Find it difficult to manage anger
Sought out drugs
Experiencing feelings of loss or grief
Feeling Overwhelmed
Feelings of Fear / Worry / Dread
Erectile Dysfunction
Constantly tense or nervous
Upsetting dreams or flashbacks
Unwanted or Invasive thoughts
Trouble sleeping
Taking unnecessary risks

You may be thinking:
Seeking help is an absolute last resort
Therapy is only for those that are really messed up
(seeking help can alleviate a sense of defeat)
Men are striving to live up to, largely, unachievable standards of masculinity

I’m offering to help rebuild your strength in a safe and confidential setting.

Our intention is to ensure that you benefit from each and every session.  We will work together through Counselling and Hypnotherapy, leaving you feeling more optimistic, empowered and positive.

We are passionate and committed to assisting our clients’, providing you with the tools and techniques needed to generate the positive changes you choose.

You have unlimited potential, with the right and ability to change your journey in any way you wish.

Your uniqueness and worth should be embraced, hypnosis will allow you to recognise your value.

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