Discover Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a non invasive alternate therapy assisting people to heal from the inside, change Core, Genetic, History and Soul Beliefs and provide new positive feelings via downloads that perhaps you’ve never experienced before. I’ve witnessed someone, who was ready for change, releasing their emotional pain with a ‘Heart Song’ the immediate effect was unbelievable, their experience life changing.

Theta Healing can help to reprogram limiting beliefs stored in your subconscious – and provide you with feelings not yet felt via a connection to a higher power or divine energy.

A meditative technique conducted while the practitioner and client are in a theta brainwave – a very deep state of relaxation where brainwaves are slowed to 4-7HZ.

Working with quantum physics and the movement of energy, atoms and physical particles in order to allow the body the conditions it needs to heal.

What are you ready to discover?
Feelings of Abundance, Acceptance, Calm, Confidence, Fun, Love, the list goes on……
Clear programs of Rejection / Resentment / Regret
Meditation to go up to the Seventh Plane of Existence
Clear Free-Floating Memories
Send Love to Baby in the Womb
Repair the Broken Soul
Body Scan
Your Guardian Angels
Connect to your Ancestors
Heart Song
Soul Fragments

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