Resource Therapy

Resource Therapy Rundown

Can you believe that our personality is composed of all different parts?  Crazy I know!!  However, that part of you that presents with an issue is seldom the part that needs change.  There may be a part of you that is complaining about another personality part, and it’s our job to bring the part of the personality, that needs change, into the conscious, for it to be worked with directly.  This is where Resource Therapy is a new cutting edge way of working with whatever is going on for you, facilitating a quicker, deeper, and longer lasting change.

Think of all your parts like a football team

We have a:

Resource State: A personality part (The many members of our football team, each has a name too eg. Happy, Sad, Fun, Ambitious, Resilient, whatever the names are for your parts are right for you).

Conscious State: Only one Resource State may occupy the conscious at any time.  (This is the part holding the ball).

Surface States: Other parts that are observing and interacting with the Conscious State. These parts will have recall of what happened while they were surface.  The Conscious State is able hear their suggestions or complaints.  (The many players out on the field).

Underlying States: Subconscious parts that are dissociated from the conscious. They will not have a memory of what happened while they were underlying.  (This is for all of those that got benched).

Conflicted States: Two parts wanting to be out at the same time for example people with a sleeping issue may have Thinker out, at a time that Sleeper should be.  (Two members of the team fighting for the ball at the same time).

Dissonant States: The part that doesn’t want to be out for the task it is to do.  (You’ve placed your player who should be in Goal Defence to handle the Centre).

Vaded with Fear/Rejection: Parts that have experienced an event from the past and continue to carry their trauma until such time that the issue has been resolved and understood.  (The fragile team player that requires much support).

Retro Avoiding States: The part that is doing its best to protect the fragile vaded states.  This is where addictions come in.  (Your defence member (may be called Protector) is doing a hell of job protecting a more fragile player (may be called Alone), however the rest of the players on the team aren’t in agreement as to the tactics used by the defence member (Protector)).

Our states are constantly changing, just like the ball being moved from part to part around the field.  Each part believing they are doing their utmost for the person (their team).

Resource Therapy is receiving much attention around the world as a superior trauma informed strength based parts psychotherapy, capable of attending to and relieving PTSD, including complex presentations. The power of Resource Therapy lies in its ability to treat long standing client issues immediately and effectively within the therapy hour, bringing about significant improvement and often complete and lasting relief from the presenting issue.

Resource Therapy was developed by Professor Gordon Emmerson as a clinical evolution of his knowledge of Ego State Therapy, cognitive psychology, hypnosis and client experience.
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