Hayfever How To Help



Hayfever How To Help

Have you had enough of itchy, watering eyes, perhaps your nose runs and you find yourself sneezing a lot, maybe you have to do a mad dash to the chemist from time to time, I have the answer to your issue.

Anything that you have ever seen, anything that you have ever heard, anything that you have ever felt before in your life is stored within your mind. Anything that we have stored in our own minds that remains unresolved may be appearing in other ways.  There may have been a traumatic event that occurred before you had hayfever, that event where consciously you have stemmed back the tears, but unbeknown to you, it remains at a level below conscious awareness where the tears persist.  This may have been a time when you had to suppress your tears to be strong for others, or perhaps it was a time when those around you weren’t there for you.

Script based on Beryl Comars Magic Story
Soundeffects – Zapsplat.com
Featured Image – Kelly Sikkema

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