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How to approach Addiction for family and caregivers

Reference: The Two Norries Podcast – 15 May 2021 with Dr Gabor Mate Definitions:Trauma = wound, the pain we hold within our bodies. Addiction = Addiction is manifested in any behavior that a person craves, finds temporary relief or pleasure in but suffers negative consequences as a result of, and yet has difficulty giving up … Continue reading How to approach Addiction for family and caregivers

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What do you value most??

Values tell you so much about a person, here are my top Values:1. Financial Stability2. Trust3. Family4. GrowthI can tell you that I endure situations in order to have my values met. What do you value most?http://Personal Values Assessment

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What’s your main thoughts?

When I get to this stage in the year I always think two main thoughts. 1 Damn! where the heck did the time go and 2 It’s time for a reflection on all that’s passed and celebrate everything I’ve achieved. I never beat myself up over things that went wrong because everything has a little … Continue reading What’s your main thoughts?

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What makes a person Happier?

According to positive pyschology, did you know that showing gratitude actually makes you a happier person? I’m all for more happiness, so here are 2 things I’m grateful for right now: Taking control of what I wanted and changing my career, it took me a couple years of full on study, drive and motivation but … Continue reading What makes a person Happier?

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Need Help During the Victorian Lockdown

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and a little out of whack with all that’s going on right now. Should you keep calm and carry on? Or should you join the crowds and buy ALL the toilet paper? I don’t have all the answers, heck! I’m not sure anyone does But I want you to know … Continue reading Need Help During the Victorian Lockdown

Therapist Near Me

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