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Need Help During the Victorian Lockdown

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and a little out of whack with all that’s going on right now. Should you keep calm and carry on? Or should you join the crowds and buy ALL the toilet paper? I don’t have all the answers, heck! I’m not sure anyone does But I want you to know … Continue reading Need Help During the Victorian Lockdown

Men's Mental Health

Elderly Men Mental Health

Did you know that men aged 75 and older have a higher rate of suicide than any other age group. An elderly member of my own family has had to deal with many challenges during his childhood, with no real parental guidance whilst growing up. He had taken to alcohol at an early age, and … Continue reading Elderly Men Mental Health

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Recognition of issue + action = ??

Grab yourself a drink and let’s chat about the big fat elephant who stomps through our mind whenever we’re not having way too much alcohol, laying that extra bet on or whatever your vice may be. Yep, it happens to a lot of people. The fear of confronting those unwanted feelings, the underlying issues of … Continue reading Recognition of issue + action = ??

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You have more than 4 Feelings

You have more than these 4 feelings; Happy, Hungry, Horny & Angry. It may feel big and scary at first, am I right?! I found this listing on Which would you rather be?? Feelings when our needs ARE metAffectionateEngagedGratefulConfidentRefreshedExcitedInspiredJoyfulExhilaratedPeacefulHopeful Feelings when our needs ARE NOT metAfraidConfusedEmbarrassedTenseAnnoyedDisquietFatigueVulnerableAngerAversionYearningDisconnectedSadPain

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Are you a fan of fast & effective??

WHO HERE IS A FAN OF SHORTCUTS? 👋Raises Hand 👋 While I don’t believe there is any magic potion you can drink that gets you to where you want to be. There are strategies that take some of the time and pain away Can I get an Amen 🙌⠀Yes, getting support can help you understand … Continue reading Are you a fan of fast & effective??

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Letting Go

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” – Leo F. Buscaglia. I used to worry about having a meal on the table at an appropriate time, housework, work, bills and all the other usual worries of the world, until I realised it was holding me back from what … Continue reading Letting Go

Therapist Near Me

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