What Anger Means, I have the No.1 Answer Now

I recently had a new client, and the thought came to me, that I have a lot of guys showing up that are experiencing issues of Anger.

Don’t give up!: Anger means one of four things, I invite you to ask yourself these questions:
1. Has it always been a thing, perhaps you were employing this behaviour prior to reaching the age of 7, or
2. Did you notice it appearing during your teens (you’re minds way of doing something for you), or perhaps
3. Are you experiencing the Anger as the 2nd stage of Grief (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance)

I came to my own epiphany when training a new employee. I felt that I was explaining everything in layman’s terms and was feeling frustrated and angry when constantly repeating myself. When I stopped to have a thought process what I realised was the following:
– That my words weren’t important, which made me feel like I wasn’t important
– That feeling of not being important comes down to my bottom belief of being worthless / not enough / rejection.

So rather than allow that anger to build up inside of you, with the people you love most encountering the explosion and living with the shrapnel, notice when something upsets you and resolve it immediately.

PS. The fourth type of anger, the need to physically protect yourself, you are in danger.

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